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ENR urges you to stop listening to the wrong information, stop running away from the problem, be aware of the law and know your rights! Our office has the experience to provide you with a wide range of U.S. immigration services.

Listed below are just a few of the Immigration Services we can provide:

• Green Card Application filling

• Replace Lost or Stolen Green Card Certificate of Naturalization

• Replace Citizenship/Naturalization

• U.S. Passport

• Replace Expired Green Card

• Fiancés Visas

• Visitor’s Visas

• Family Petition

• Green card Lottery

• Green card for Relative

• Green card Application

• Green card through Employment

• U.S. Citizenship Application

• Citizenship Test Review

• Replacement Citizenship Certification

Customized Services

At ENR, we customize immigration services that best fit your situation.

• We minimize your fears by thoroughly advising you on your case status

• We listen and we help solve the situation with you

• We work closely with you until you reach your destination.

Family based immigration filing and issues.

The concept of Family Based Immigration is family unification which pertains to the following groups:

•Immediate relatives of U.S. citizens and U.S. green card holders: Spouses (husband and wife), Fiancées, Children (unmarried & under the age 21 years), Parents

•Other Preference Categories for Family Members of U.S. Citizens or Residents:- Unmarried Sons and Daughters of Citizens (over the age of 21) 1st Preference- Spouses and unmarried Sons and Daughters of Permanent Residents 2nd Preference- Married Sons and Daughters of U.S. Citizens 3rd Preference- Brothers and Sisters of U.S. Citizens 4th Preference

Employment based immigration

•There are five categories for granting permanent residence to foreign nationals based on employment skills:

• Priority workers

• Professionals with advanced degrees or persons with exceptional skilled abilities

• Skilled or Professional workers such as nurses

• Special Immigrants

• Immigrant investors

Labor Certification

The first step in nearly all employment based residency application cases is this process. The goal is to determine if the insufficiency of skilled labor in an area warrants the hiring of a foreign worker.

Diversity Visa Lottery Program

This program selects approximately 55,000 immigrants through a lottery from countries with low rates of immigrants to the United States. The State Department holds the lottery yearly

Lottery visas are distributed among six geographical regions:

Africa * Asia * Europe * North America * Oceana * South America